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Argentine Port Identity

Contributions of the AGP to the construction of
The Nation

The exhibition Argentine Port Identity: Contributions of the AGP to the Construction of The Nation opens the first stage of the AGP Museum. The display proposes taking a look at the past, present, and future of our country from a strategic place: the port which gave us birth. Each of the spaces into which this exhibition is organized allows us to learn about significant aspects of the port universe by showing diverse material and symbolic testimonies. Through these anchorages, the AGP invites us to reflect on the port activity, and its importance for the region and for the development of a productive and federal country.

Space 1

Drawing up our history towards the future

In this space, important chapters of the history of the Port and of The Nation are recovered. They are moments and events which, along the time, configure and reconfigure the port topography. Here, a possible way is proposed to understand the links between the port, the city, and the country from its beginnings to the present day.

Besides, through interactive technological devices, it is possible to become immersed in the world of work at ports and experience some of the tasks carried out there. How does a container port terminal operate? Which machines are used for container loading, unloading and organization? How are they manipulated? How are they transported by land? These questions motivate us to discover and imagine the port universe from inside.

Space 2

Putting together the port of fulfilled dreams

The images and objects found here give us the possibility to see and understand life in yesterday’s and today’s port, and allow us to meet those who contribute to the life and history of the port: its workers.

The different moments which intertwine with each other in this space materialize the transforming power of the port, and of the public policies that the AGP implements to foster the development of the community, promote gender equality and non-discrimination, and contribute to The Nation’s economic growth.

Space 3

Between land and water

In this space, it is possible to walk on the material traces of a fundamental relationship for the development of The Nation from its beginnings to the present day: that of the port and the railway. This link significantly consolidates the connection between the port and the provinces, favouring the growth of the regional economies of all the country. This intermodal articulation constitutes one of the main characteristics of the port, allowing and facilitating the connection between different means of transport. 

Also, this tour of a freight car from the beginning of last century allows us to approach the landscape of the River Plate littoral by means of the reconstruction of its typical vegetation, while inviting us to think about the importance that preservation, care, and respect for the environment have for the construction of a country with federal consciousness.

Space 4

Towards more efficient and safer navigation

These objects which belong to the AGP’s asset heritage let us become familiar with the shapes, the materials, and the technification of key elements for the efficiency and safety of a port. Thanks to technological advances, these objects are transformed in line with the needs of each present, so that the marker buoy and ship mooring post exhibited here, and which date back to the mid-twentieth century, constitute valuable testimonies of a past which continues inspiring permanent modernization.

At present the AGP counts with buoys with led lighting self-contained lanterns, resistant to dust and water, with horizontal 360º visibility and a reach of 5 nautical miles under normal visibility conditions. They have type 3 AIS AtoN technology (Automatic Identification System, Aids to Navigation), which allows informing in real time their position, the condition of the lantern, battery, sensors and meteorological and hydrological information.